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If you need additional information, have concerns, or require attention to special needs, please contact us via the information below.

Child Care Communications Management Center
For General Questions: Call (240) 399–8734 or E-mail
For Technical Support Questions: Call (703) 828–8435 or E-mail

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

What is the Virtual TSTAM 2020?

We were hoping to have an in-person 2020 Tribal, State, and Territory Administrators Meeting (TSTAM 2020) this year, but due to the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and the government-imposed restrictions on group gatherings, portions of TSTAM 2020 will be presented virtually. Virtual TSTAM 2020 will be available via Zoom, which is a cloud platform for video, voice, content-sharing, and chats run across mobile devices, desktop computers, telephones, and room systems.

The Virtual TSTAM 2020 schedule will consist of five webinars to be held on consecutive Wednesdays for 3-hour time blocks starting in September. The first two webinars are for specific audiences. (See the agenda for details.) The third, fourth, and fifth webinars are for all audience members. The webinars will include presentations, workshops, question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions, and discussions.

Is there a registration fee for Virtual TSTAM 2020?

There is no registration fee for Virtual TSTAM 2020. The webinars are offered on behalf of the Office of Child Care, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

How can I register for Virtual TSTAM 2020?

  • A hyperlink to register for Virtual TSTAM 2020 webinars can be found next to the description on this website as they become available or in the invitation email. You will need to register for each of the five webinars separately. Complete the required registration information.
  • After you register, you will receive a followup email with instructions on how to join a webinar at the start time and a link to join. This link is specific for only one user, so do not share your link. For security purposes, your email address needs to be associated with an active Zoom account. If you are not currently linked to a Zoom account, one can be easily created when you register. If you plan to join by voice only via a dial-in number, a U.S. phone number will be provided in that email.
  • NOTE: It is highly recommended you download and install the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device before the day of the session to minimize any technical difficulties. Download the latest Zoom Client for Meetings at the Zoom Download Center. If you are joining via a tablet or mobile device, visit the Android or App store on your device and search for the Zoom app.

How do I join a live webinar?

  • Find the webinar you want to join and select the registration link. After you register, you will receive an email with the log-in information, a meeting ID for the day, and a phone number.
  • After clicking the link, the Zoom application will open (on a mobile device) or your desktop’s browser will prompt you to open the desktop version of Zoom, which you should allow. In the Zoom app, enter the Meeting ID at the provided prompt. A preview of your webcam or device camera will appear. Follow the prompts in the Zoom app to join with your device’s audio. You do not need a webcam to join on Zoom.
  • If joining with voice only via a dial-in number, call the phone number provided in your registration confirmation email. Note that if you dial in from a different phone number from the one you provided during registration, the moderator will select your breakout session for you.
  • Additional questions and answers on the Zoom platform that may be helpful:
    Ø  How do I test the computer/device’s audio? This link contains information on how to test your devices audio connection in Zoom.
    Ø  Can I record my meeting? No, participants will not be able to record the meeting feed.
    Ø  Can I share my screen? No, during the session only predetermined panelists will be able to share their screen.
    Ø  My video/camera isn’t working. Follow instructions on this page to troubleshoot issues with your video connection.
    Ø  My audio isn’t working on my mobile device. Follow the tips and suggestions on this page to
    Ø  Where can I get more technical support? If you have any questions, contact

Can I participate during a webinar?

Yes, there will be opportunities for participation, such as:

  • Chat Feature for Questions: You can use the Chat feature to ask questions, this will be monitored by the presenters and/or moderator throughout the webinar or at designated Q&A times.
  • Chat feature for Comments: You can use the chat feature to comment during live webinars. This feature allows you to chat with presenters and or individual participants and is used for general discussion and comments.
  • Voice participation: At certain designated times (at the discretion of the presenters) comments and questions will be allowed verbally. You will receive instructions during the webinar on whether this is an option and on how this feature will work. If comments and questions are being accepted, you will need to request that your audio be unmuted, and the moderator will call on you in the order your request was received. You can also put a comment in the chat feature that you would like to speak.
  • Useful tips for to enhance your webinar experience can be found here. Then have the link to the attached pdf

How long will a webinar last?

Each webinar will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). Please see the agenda for additional details.

My reception quality is bad. How can I improve it?

Check Your Internet Connection
One way to improve your audio is to check your internet connection. A strong Wi-Fi or cable connection that is not being used by other devices will provide a consistent connection. Without a good connection, viewing a virtual meeting may have disruptive consequences, as it will keep connecting and disconnecting multiple times. We know many of you are at home and might have others in the family using the internet in the house, this meeting will run more smoothly for you with a strong Internet connection. A tip for stronger internet is to move closer to your router or use an ethernet connection attached directly to your router or modem. It is also helpful to ask other people in your house to take a break from high-bandwidth activities like streaming videos or video chatting with others. To test your Internet speed, we recommend to help you diagnose your Internet speed.

Eliminate Background Noises
Position yourself in a noiseless and quiet environment as much as you can during a virtual meeting. Try to find a small place where you’ll be alone so that nothing can distract you. Don’t choose big areas without much furniture or with blank walls; this situation will cause an echo in the room, which will also disturb your ability to hear the conversation.

Stop the Audio Echo
If you are using the phone audio, make sure your computer speakers are muted to eliminate the echo. Echoes may also occur when your speaker system is situated too closely to your microphone and the sound gets reflected in the speakers. To remedy this issue, move the microphone away from the speakers. If you are on a phone, try to mute yourself when listening to others, as an echo can be generated for several reasons.

If I have trouble registering or accessing a webinar or experience other technical issues, who should I contact?

Please email and describe the issue you are experiencing or call (703) 828–8435. Our technical support team member will be available to assist you.